HomeNewsLa scusa di Lisa Vanderpump per la chiusura del ristorante Pump viene denunciata dal padrone di casa

La scusa di Lisa Vanderpump per la chiusura del ristorante Pump viene denunciata dal padrone di casa

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Durante la recente chiusura del suo ristorante Pump di West Hollywood, Lisa Vanderpump è stata denunciata per quella che presumibilmente è una bugia. Oltre al suo status di star della realtà, Vanderpump è anche un’abile imprenditrice con una serie di attività a suo nome. Con suo marito Ken Todd, Vanderpump ha aperto oltre 30 ristoranti e bar in tutto il mondo, secondo Women’s Health. E mentre alcune di queste attività hanno avuto grandi successi, Vanderpump è stata costretta a chiuderne alcune altre nel corso degli anni.

Amid the 2020 pandemic, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum announced she was shutting down her Beverly Hills Villa Blanca due to increased rental fees. Now, three years later, the reality star is closing another of her food outlets — Pump Restaurant in West Hollywood — for similar reasons. “It’s with heavy hearts that we announce that the lease at Pump Restaurant is expiring and we will be closing its doors on July 5th, after ten years of beautiful evenings under our olive trees,” the establishment announced in an Instagram post. In the statement, the food outlet also revealed it was closing its doors due to an increase in rent.

Now, however, a reliable source is saying the excuse might be untrue.

Lisa Vanderpump’s landlord implies she lied about the reason for the closure

Lisa Vanderpump sorridenteAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Speaking to ET, Lisa Vanderpump’s landlord opened up about the restaurant’s closure, claiming that the reality star was not completely honest about the reason why. “Lisa’s comments regarding the rent for Pump are not accurate,” he told the outlet. We did not raise the rent and in fact, have been nothing but supportive as they tried to catch up on lease obligations including forgiving some rent during COVID.” At the time of writing, Vanderpump is yet to respond to the landlord’s claims.

The recent closure comes only months after rumors started swirling that the famous West Hollywood restaurant might be shutting its doors. “The business is being sold, but not the real estate and the [landlords are] looking for a long-term tenant,” Leslie Haro, a real estate broker told ET back in March. Responding to the rumors, however, Vanderpump revealed at the time there were no plans to leave the location. “We’ve been in the Pump location for 10 years, have a great relationship with the landlord, and are currently discussing resigning our lease over the next few months,” she said in a statement to People.

But while the West Hollywood branch of Pump Restaurant might be shutting down, the Las Vegas chapter is getting an upgrade as revealed in March. “We’re also currently expanding our empire and will be opening two more restaurants with Caesars Palace,” she said at the time.

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