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Law Roach chiarisce il futuro creativo con Zendaya tra l’annuncio del pensionamento

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Law Roach vuole che tutti sappiano lo stato della sua collaborazione stilistica con Zendaya.

Il 15 marzo, il leggendario stilista di celebrità – il cui elenco di clienti comprendeva anche Celine Dion, Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid, Anne Hathaway e Megan Thee Stallion – ha annunciato che si sarebbe ritirato dallo styling. In un post su Instagram, ha scritto che “la mia tazza è vuota” e se il suo lavoro comportasse solo giocare con i vestiti, “lo farei per il resto della mia vita”. Ma ha sottolineato che “la politica, le bugie e le false narrazioni” sono dilaganti nel settore. “Hai vinto … io sono fuori”, ha scritto. Ha continuato ringraziando tutti coloro che hanno sostenuto la sua carriera ed è stato grato per “ogni persona che si è fidata di me con la propria immagine”.

Roach is considered a genius in the fashion world, thanks to his talent in making his clients shine at events and red carpets. A self-described “image architect,” Roach is known for going deep into the fashion archives and styling his clients with vintage pieces that are difficult to find elsewhere. He also made Zendaya one of the best-dressed celebrities of her time, so fans were worried following his announcement, especially since the Met Gala is only months away. Now, he is clarifying his styling future with the actress.

Law Roach will continue to work with Zendaya

Law Roach e Zendaya in posaKarwai Tang/Getty Images

Fans don’t have anything to be concerned about, after all. After revealing that he would retire, Law Roach took to Twitter to say that he and Zendaya will remain partners in fashion. “So y’all really think I’m breaking up with Z … we are forever!” he wrote. He also added, “She’s my little sister and it’s real love, not the fake industry love.”

It’s not surprising that Roach would stick with Zendaya despite retiring. The two rose to the ranks in their respective fields, after all. In an interview with The Guardian in 2018, the award-winning stylist shared that he took on the actor when she was still years away from being the A-lister that she is now. “Nobody wanted to dress her when she wasn’t known, so I would put her in things that other people had already worn,” he said, and that’s when “people started to know her name”.

He also told The Hollywood Reporter that brands initially refused to share their pieces with the “Euphoria” star because she did not have enough star power. “[Outside of editorials] she’s never worn Gucci, she’s never worn Chanel,” Roach recalled, so they would collaborate with up-and-coming brands instead. “And she had never worn Valentino until she became the face of Valentino. So, it’s quite incredible that we can build that just using smaller and emergent brands and designers,” she added. Law and Zendaya forever!

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