HomeNewsLe voci agghiaccianti che circondano l'omicidio dell'Idaho sospettano Bryan Kohberger

Le voci agghiaccianti che circondano l’omicidio dell’Idaho sospettano Bryan Kohberger

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Settimane dopo un’indagine su larga scala che ha unito le forze dell’ordine locali con l’FBI, Bryan Kohberger è stato arrestato il 30 dicembre in relazione agli omicidi dell’Università dell’Idaho di novembre. Arrestato a Poconos, Kohberger dovrebbe essere estradato in Idaho per affrontare le accuse, poiché gli omicidi sono avvenuti nella cittadina dell’Idaho di Mosca, secondo 6ABC.

Prior to Kohberger’s arrest, the grisly murders captivated America’s attention, with citizen theories and tips pouring in online. In the early morning hours of November 13, co-eds Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Kernodle’s boyfriend Ethan Chapin, were all fatally stabbed multiple times in the chest, while sleeping in their beds in the girls’ off-campus housing. Two other roommates, asleep on a different floor, were home but not harmed. Law enforcement sources told the Daily Mail that the crime scene was “the worst they’ve seen.” Only after sifting through 20,000 tips and thousands of pieces of evidence did law enforcement make an arrest.

Kohberger was immediately identified as a doctorate student at Washington State University, which, being located in Pullman, Washington, is nearby to Moscow. We also learned other reported details of his academic pursuits that, in hindsight, are bone-chilling.

Bryan Kohberger once surveyed ex-cons about how they committed their crimes

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In addition to pursuing a Ph.D. at Washington State University, Bryan Kohberger also reportedly holds an undergraduate degree in criminal justice from DeSales University. As reported by the Daily Mail, Kohberger, several months before the University of Idaho slayings, posted a Reddit survey for ex-cons as part of a “research project.” According to his survey description, Kohberger wanted to know more about “how emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime.”

In the role of a “student investigator,” Kohberger wanted to know respondents’ answers to questions like, “Did you prepare for the crime before leaving your home?,” “⁠Before making your move, how did you approach the victim or target?,” and “What was the first move you made to accomplish your goal?” His survey also asked respondents to describe their most recent criminal offense “with an emphasis on your thoughts and feelings throughout your experience.”

Kohberger also wanted to know how criminals left their crime scenes and whether they were gang-affiliated or not. Interestingly, after he was booked at Monroe County Jail, the 28-year-old reportedly asked police if anyone else had been arrested, per the Independent.

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