HomeNewsL'impatto duraturo che i commenti offensivi di Barbara Bush hanno avuto sulla nipote Jenna Bush Hager

L’impatto duraturo che i commenti offensivi di Barbara Bush hanno avuto sulla nipote Jenna Bush Hager

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Come figlie del presidente George W. Bush, Jenna Bush Hager e la sorella gemella Barbara Pierce Bush sono cresciute sotto i riflettori, diventando gradualmente le loro stesse donne nel corso degli anni. Nel loro libro di memorie del 2017, “Sisters First”, i gemelli hanno attribuito una buona parte della loro identità alla nonna, l’ex first lady Barbara Bush. Come riportato da The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, la defunta moglie del presidente George HW Bush ha lasciato un grande impatto sulle sorelle, apparendo ovunque negli aneddoti delle loro memorie.

Referring to their grandmother as “Ganny,” Bush Hager and Pierce Bush also fondly called Barbara “the Enforcer” as the outspoken New York native was known for dictating the rules of the house. “On one visit, when my dad put his feet up on her coffee table,” Bush Hager wrote, “she told him, ‘I don’t care if you are the president of the United States, take your feet off my coffee table.’ And my dad did.” The Bush twins shared plenty of fun memories with “Ganny,” as well. Reportedly, Barbara took the sisters to Italy upon their 16th birthday, even ordering them their first martinis in Venice.

Five years after her death, Bush Hager’s still feeling Barbara’s impact. The “Today” co-host recently reflected on how her grandmother body-shamed her at a young age.

Jenna Bush Hager didn’t wear a bikini for decades after her grandmother’s body-shaming

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During a January 6 “Today” show segment, Jenna Bush Hager made waves when she revealed that her grandmother, Barbara Bush, told her she looked “chubby” in a bikini as a teenager. The TV personality later clarified her remarks, insisting that she “adored” her late relative, per Page Six. She also revealed that Bush apologized to her long ago, explaining that her own mother, Pauline Pierce, “said those types of things” to her often, comparing her to her sister, Martha. “Her mother always thought of her sister as the really beautiful one,” Bush Hager said, adding that Pierce would tell Bush, “‘Martha’s the pretty one. You’re the funny one.'” Despite her grandmother’s apology, though, Bush Hager didn’t “wear a bikini for years” — until 2022.

Although the former first lady felt badly about her body image remarks to Bush Hager, she was known within the family for her blunt dress-downs. In Bush Hager’s 2017 memoir, “Sisters First,” she detailed a family tennis tournament in the 2010s, during which she celebrated successful shots by shimmying and hiking her skirt up, with her father cheering her on, per The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. When her grandmother got wind of this behavior, a formally typed letter arrived at her apartment addressed to both her dad and her. “Like a lawyer building her case, Ganny recited my every unsportsmanlike infraction,” Bush Hager wrote, recalling that Bush “was deeply disappointed with me.”

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