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Erika Jayne rivela il momento in cui la sua faida con Garcelle Beauvais ha superato il punto di non ritorno

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Le tensioni sono aumentate tra Erika Jayne e Garcelle Beauvais nella stagione 11 di “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Durante un episodio in cui Jayne ha discusso le questioni legali del suo ex marito Tom Girardi – che includevano accuse di appropriazione indebita – i due membri del cast si sono scaldati. La cantante di “Pretty Mess” ha rivelato a Beauvais che Girardi la chiamava ancora spesso, ma lei non rispondeva alle sue chiamate. Più tardi, l’attore di “Coming 2 America” ​​ha trasmesso quell’informazione ad altre casalinghe, e questo non andava bene con Jayne. “Beh, mi dispiace che tu lo dica perché sento che stai tradendo la mia amicizia in questo momento. Ma per favore, goditi il ​​tuo momento”, ha risposto Jayne, sentendo che la sua fiducia era stata violata (tramite Persone). Ciò ha causato un’esplosione che ha lasciato Jayne in lacrime.

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Unfortunately, the break between seasons did not seem to squash the feud between the two castmates. In January, a “RHOBH” fan account pointed out that Beauvais had unfollowed Jayne on Instagram. “Well [let] me unfollow her back,” the singer wrote in response.

An explosive trailer dropped to promote Season 12 of the hit Bravo series in April. The footage appeared to hint that tensions remained high between the pair. After the trailer was released, Page Six asked Beauvais if she had mended her relationship with Jayne. “No,” she told the outlet. “There’s a few, you know, bumps in the road,” Beauvais said about their relationship. Apparently, their friendship hit a point that was beyond repair.

How Erika Jayne thought Garcelle Beauvais crossed the line

Erika Jayne Garcelle BeauvaisMichael Kovac & Gabe Ginsberg/Getty

Erika Jayne spoke openly about her fractured friendship with Garcelle Beauvais. According to the “Get It Tonight” singer, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Beauvais used a clip from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 12 trailer to advertise her book. “When she said, ‘Erika I don’t need to make you look bad, you can do that on your own,'” Jayne recalled while on “The Wendy Williams Show” on May 19. “She took that piece, and put it on Instagram to promote her book,” she added. On April 10, Beauvais posted the clip to Instagram along with a snap of her book, and joked in the caption that “not pre-ordering” the book would make fans “look bad.” This caused Jayne to respond with her own Instagram post where she threw the book away. “And I said, ‘OK, that’s what we’re doing. In the trash!'” she recalled. “Look, when they swing first you gotta swing back,” Jayne added.

The gesture did not go unnoticed by Beauvais, who went on the defensive a few days later on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” The “Bad Company” actor said, “It wasn’t a clip that I pulled myself … So I was upset that she took it that way.”

Since the trash can incident, Jayne defended her actions as being a response to Beauvais’s post, telling E! News on May 17, “So no, I don’t regret it.”

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