HomeNewsJen Armstrong di RHOC ha appena portato la sua separazione con il marito Ryne al livello successivo

Jen Armstrong di RHOC ha appena portato la sua separazione con il marito Ryne al livello successivo

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Non è un segreto che il matrimonio di Jen Armstrong con Ryne Holliday abbia probabilmente visto più tempeste che sole negli ultimi mesi. Durante questo periodo, si è destreggiata tra la sua vita da dottore, madre di tre figli e, naturalmente, una popolare star dei reality. Il 17 maggio, la star di “The Real Housewives of Orange County” ha chiesto la separazione dal marito. La coppia voleva dare una possibilità al loro matrimonio con una terapia tanto necessaria. Ma a febbraio, e parlando con S’More Date, Armstrong ha rivelato che le cose sembravano positive tra loro. Ha detto: “Siamo in fase di risoluzione in questo momento e sta migliorando. Al nostro interno, entrambi vogliamo stare insieme”.

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Unfortunately for all parties involved, that good feeling didn’t last very long. TMZ reported that Armstrong listed the often-used “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their separation. If that weren’t enough, the site also said that the soon-to-be ex-couple listed their marital home for sale back in March before they took it off the market. Well, now it seems like Armstrong’s split from Holliday has been taken to the next level.

Jen Armstrong has officially filed for divorce

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According to Us Weekly, Jen Armstrong has officially filed for divorce from Ryne Holliday. “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star went from filing for legal separation on May 13 to a full-fledged divorce on May 25. One source close to the situation hinted that both Armstrong and Holliday are prioritizing their children, twins Vince and Vera, and their son Robert in their divorce. However, Armstrong is looking to obtain legal and physical custody of their three children while giving Holliday visitation rights. A tipster told E! News, “Jen and Ryne are focused on their family, and currently are getting along well.”

So far, Armstrong hasn’t made any comments about her personal situation, but she has been sharing clips of different threading and sculpting procedures on her Instagram page. Regardless of how Armstrong’s divorce goes, there’s a chance that fans might hear about her separation from Holliday during the next season of RHOC, for better or for worse.

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