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Jesse Tyler Ferguson non è stata la prima scelta di Sarah Hyland per officiare il suo matrimonio

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Probabilmente ormai saprai che la banda della “Famiglia moderna” ha avuto una riunione di proporzioni epiche quando Sarah Hyland ha sposato gli alunni di Bachelor Nation Wells Adams il 20 agosto. Un sacco di ex co-protagonisti di Hyland erano a disposizione per festeggiare, tra cui Sofia Vergara ( che era senza suo marito, Joe Manganiello), Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Julie Bowen e Jesse Tyler Ferguson, che in realtà ha officiato l’intera cerimonia per sua nipote sullo schermo. La banda ha condiviso anche molte foto dolci della cerimonia, inclusa Vergara che ha pubblicato molti scatti con i suoi ex co-protagonisti della sitcom di successo della ABC su Instagram.

It turns out though that Tyler Ferguson actually landed himself a very important role in the big day — officiant! “I had the best seat in the house for this stunner of a wedding. What an honor to marry my two dear friends @sarahhyland & @wellsadams,” Tyler Ferguson wrote on Instagram alongside a stunning photo from the ceremony. “I couldn’t be happier for you love bugs. I also do Bar Mitzvahs,” he teased. But it was actually another “Modern Family” star the happy couple originally had their hearts set on officiating their big day.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson stepped in for another ‘Modern Family’ star

Jesse Tyler Ferguson in posa con Ty BurrellTinseltown/Shutterstock

You may have noticed that Sarah Hyland’s on-screen dad, Ty Burrell, was one of the “Modern Family” stars missing from her and Adams’ wedding. It turns out that Burrell was actually first to land the big role of officiant (sorry, Jesse Tyler Ferguson) but had to pull out of the very important duty due to a family emergency. Tyler Ferguson revealed that tidbit to Entertainment Tonight, explaining, “So, I got a phone call 12 days before the wedding, and that’s why Ty wasn’t there, he had stuff going on.” He shared that he did ask his on-screen brother-in-law for a little advice on what to say, though, and wasn’t too sad that he wasn’t exactly the couple’s first choice. “I was honored to do it. Very happy to understudy Ty Burrell,” he said. Aww!

It’s not clear exactly what Burrell’s family emergency was, though the cast touched on him missing the big day on Instagram on August 29 in a sweet group shot. Tyler Ferguson shared the stunning cast photo, which also included producers Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, writing, “mini fam reunion to celebrate @sarahhyland & @wellsadams. missing a few but so lucky to see y’all again. Ily.” Alongside Burrell, a few of the other castmates who couldn’t make the big day included Eric Stonestreet, Ed O’Neil, and Rico Rodriguez.

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