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Keke Palmer e il fidanzato Darius Jackson annunciano la nascita e il nome del loro figlio

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È un ragazzo! Le congratulazioni sono d’obbligo per Keke Palmer e Darius Jackson, che si stanno imbarcando in un nuovo ed entusiasmante capitolo della loro vita con l’arrivo del loro primo figlio.

Sembra che fosse solo ieri quando Palmer ha sorpreso tutti con l’annuncio di essere incinta – e su “Saturday Night Live”, nientemeno. Nel dicembre 2022, durante il suo debutto in “SNL”, l’attore ha rivelato di avere un bambino in arrivo. “Sono particolarmente felice di essere qui perché ci sono alcune voci in giro. La gente nei miei commenti ha detto: ‘Keke sta per avere un bambino, Keke è incinta’, e voglio mettere le cose in chiaro”, ha detto durante il suo monologo, prima di aprire la giacca per rivelare un pancione. “Sono!”

In a January 31 episode of her podcast, “Baby, This is Keke Palmer,” the “Nope” star also recounted the hilarious way she found out that she was pregnant. Apparently, it was Jackson who told her that she could be expecting. “Randomly, I was just feeling to myself, maybe I could be pregnant,” she recalled, adding that she took a test but dismissed it altogether because it was negative. But it turns out that she just didn’t wait long enough, with Jackson eventually finding the test in the trash with “a very thin, solid straight” line. Ten pregnancy tests later, the couple confirmed that they are indeed parents, and now, they announced that they’ve already brought home their new bundle of joy.

The couple named their son Leodis Andrellton Jackson

Darius Jackson, Keke Palmer e il figlio LeodisInstagram

It’s been a fun 48 hours for rookie parents Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson, who took to Instagram to announce that Palmer gave birth to a boy they named Leodis Andrellton Jackson. Palmer wrote that she was happy Leodis was born during Black History Month, so they made sure that their kid had a “name to match.”

Along with adorable photos of Leodis, Palmer also shared how they’ve already started introducing good music to their baby by playing El Debarge in the car (presumably) going home and streaming Rolling Ray in the hospital room. Leodis’ parents’ got good taste!

The baby’s arrival has been a long time coming for Palmer, who previously told Essence that she was excited about the fact that she’ll get to look after someone else. “I love the idea that I don’t have to be thinking about me, to just be focused on somebody else for a lot of time,” she shared. “I’m so ready for him to take over my life.”

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