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Khloé Kardashian assicura di essere single nonostante il suo comportamento confuso su Instagram

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La relazione tra Khloé Kardashian e Tristan Thompson è stata tumultuosa, per non dire altro. Mentre il loro secondo figlio insieme era in arrivo, la star di “Al passo con i Kardashian” ha rotto le cose con Thompson alla fine del 2021 quando si è scoperto che aveva tradito e aveva un figlio in arrivo con Maralee Nichols. In seguito, Kardashian è rimasta single per un po ‘fino a quando non ha iniziato a frequentare un investitore di private equity senza nome. Quella storia d’amore non è durata, poiché è stato confermato che si sono separati nell’agosto 2022 dopo che “le cose sono appena svanite”, secondo una fonte di Us Weekly. Non molto tempo dopo, Kardashian e Thompson hanno accolto insieme il loro secondo figlio, tramite surrogato, ma sono rimasti separati.

Following the death of the NBA player’s mother in January, Kardashian started spending time with her former flame. “Tristan wants to show the world, Khloé, and his mom — his guardian angel — the man and father that he can be, even more so now,” a source told Entertainment Tonight Canada on March 9. Buzz started circulating that the two could be getting back together.

The Good American honcho fanned the flames of those rumors when she wrote a heartfelt Instagram birthday post to Thompson on March 13, which included a number of snaps of the NBA vet and their kids. That post sparked backlash from fans who believed this was a sign the two were dating. Days later, Kardashian created more Instagram posts that further confused fans about her relationship status.

Khloé Kardashian enjoys being cryptic

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On March 16, only days after Khloé Kardashian uploaded her Tristan Thompson birthday post, she once again created Instagram posts that had fans scratching their heads. The “Revenge Body” star posted cryptic love quotes. “You will have years of heartache, but know, you will have years of happiness, too,” the one quote in her Instagram Stories read, via Celebuzz. “Love is the way you heal yourself, the kindness you give to others,” another quote read. It appeared that Kardashian was signalling that she was back to dating — if not Thompson, then possibly someone else. Later, the reality TV star added a bit of clarification about her dating status. “Being single and posting love quotes to confuse people is another level of fun,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories, while including a smiley face emoji.

A couple days before Kardashian declared herself single, a source confirmed that she was, in fact, not back together with Thompson — although the Chicago Bulls center was open to reconciling. “Tristan is always trying to get Khloé back, he still loves her and wants to make it work between them,” an insider told Us Weekly on March 14.

In February, Kardashian caused a stir about a possible romance with a different Instagram quote. Later, she shot down the rumors of any new relationship. “Who has time for a man lol I have a 6 month old baby and True and I are sickly codependent on one another,” she tweeted to a curious fan.

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