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Larsa Pippen sta celebrando le principali notizie NBA di suo figlio

Larsa Pippen in posaAri Perilstein/Getty Images

Larsa Pippen e il suo ex marito, Scottie Pippen, potrebbero non essere più sposati, ma condividono ancora quattro figli. Scotty Pippen Jr. – che sembra un po’ come suo padre – è nato nel 2000 prima che Preston Pippen facesse il suo ingresso nel mondo nel 2002, secondo The US Sun. Justin Pippen è poi nato nel 2005, mentre Sophia Pippen è entrata a far parte della famiglia nel 2008. Scottie ha anche una figlia, Taylor, la cui madre è l’ex fidanzata dell’ex giocatore NBA Sonya Roby, e una figlia, Sierra, con cui condivide Yvette Deleone, per Persone. La sorella gemella di Taylor, Tyler, è morta non molto tempo dopo la sua nascita, mentre il figlio maggiore di Scottie, Antron, che ha condiviso con la sua ex moglie Karen McCollum, è morto nell’aprile 2021.

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When it comes to Scottie and Larsa’s relationships with their children, Scotty Jr. seemed to be relatively close to both of his parents back in December 2020. That’s when a source told Us Weekly, “Scotty Jr. is focusing on basketball and talks to his mother and father daily.”

Indeed, along with apparently staying connected to his parents, Scotty Jr. played basketball for Vanderbilt University’s team, the Vanderbilt Commodores, according to ESPN. Of course, the guard is moving up in the world of sports, which is why his mom is celebrating his major NBA news.

Larsa Pippen ‘couldn’t be more proud’ of Scotty Pippen Jr.

Scotty Pippen Jr. e Larsa Pippen in posaInstagram

Larsa Pippen and her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, have an exciting reason to celebrate! That’s because their son, Scotty Pippen Jr., has inked a deal to play professional basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers, according to the New York Post. Landing a contract during the 2022 NBA Draft, Scotty Jr. shared the big news about his seemingly skyrocketing sports career on Twitter, posting an emoji of praying hands along with one purple and one yellow heart — the colors he’ll be wearing when he gets into his Lakers uniform. He also used the hashtag #lakeshow and wrote, “Dreams come true … Let’s get to work.”

While Scottie — who played for the Chicago Bulls, the Houston Rockets, and the Portland Trail Blazers during his time on the NBA court, according to Sports Illustrated’s FanNation — retweeted his son’s message, Larsa used Instagram to post Scotty’s team photo. In the caption, she wrote, “Congrats my love!!! You’re going to your fav team @lakers. I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

In a second Instagram post, she shared a photo of herself and Scotty, writing, “It was all a dream. #lakers”

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