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Le voci bizzarre sull’avventura di Tom Brady con Jeffree Star completamente spiegate

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Tom Brady e… Jeffree Star!? Se lo avevi sulla tua cartella Bingo del 2023, beh, probabilmente dovresti intraprendere la carriera di chiaroveggente. Per un piccolo contesto su questo, probabilmente devi sapere che ci sono state molte speculazioni sulla turbolenta vita personale di Brady negli ultimi mesi del 2022 e nei primi mesi del 2023. Il calciatore si è ufficialmente separato da Gisele Bündchen nell’ottobre 2022 dopo 13 anni di matrimonio e in mezzo a speculazioni dilaganti la loro relazione era molto in crisi. “Siamo arrivati ​​a questa decisione amichevolmente e con gratitudine per il tempo che abbiamo trascorso insieme”, ha scritto Brady in un post sulla sua Instagram Story (tramite Reuters). “Siamo benedetti con bambini meravigliosi e meravigliosi che continueranno ad essere il centro del nostro mondo in ogni modo. Continueremo a lavorare insieme come genitori per assicurarci che ricevano sempre l’amore e l’attenzione che meritano”.

Then, Brady brought another big bombshell to the news cycle when he officially confirmed on February 1 that he would be retiring… and for good this time. Brady celebrated his seriously impressive career with several family and football photos shared via his Instagram Story, which even included his now ex-wife. Bündchen even had her say on her ex-husband’s decision, leaving a sweet comment on his upload.

But has Brady already moved on with none other than the heavily tattooed makeup mogul and YouTuber? Erm, allow us to explain.

Jeffree Star shot down the Tom Brady dating rumors

Jeffree Star e Tom Brady in posa in un'immagine divisaAmy Sussman & Don Juan Moore/Getty

It’s no secret that the internet’s a breeding ground for some out there theories about, well, pretty much everything, so that made it the perfect place to speculate Jeffree Star and Tom Brady may be cuddling up. The rumors began after Star had internet sleuths working overtime when he teased his new man on Twitter on January 30 — but only showed him from the back. “His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl but he’s 6’6 and plays perfect in the bedroom,” Star cryptically captioned the photo, which showed him holding hands with the mystery man. As you can imagine, the internet went into a meltdown trying to work it out and pretty much every tall NFL star from Rob Gronkowski to, yep, you guessed it, Brady himself was thrown into the mix.

Things only escalated from there and, naturally, social media went into overdrive after Brady announced he was retiring just two days after Star’s secret man sneak peek. That forced Star to put an end to the rumors once and for all. “This is not my fault… Repeat: This is not my fault,” he tweeted alongside Brady’s retirement video. “I’ve never met Tom, but congratulations on retirement! Wyoming is a good place to retire.”

So, there we have it, guys. Star and Brady are not a thing. As for who Brady should date now that he’s single, though? Well, Kim Kardashian’s name has already been thrown into the mix…

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