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Lea Michele salta la performance di Broadway a causa di “Scary Health Issue” del figlio

Lea Michele in tuta bianca Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

La vita è piena di sfide inaspettate e Lea Michele ha dovuto affrontarle in prima persona con il recente problema di salute di suo figlio. L’attrice di “Glee”, che è sempre stata “focalizzata sulla carriera”, ha avuto una visione della vita completamente diversa da quando ha dato alla luce suo figlio, Ever, nel 2020, come ha detto in “The Drew Barrymore Show”. Ha condiviso: “Penso di avere questo senso di spinta che ha creato molti punti ciechi per me nella mia vita”. Ma avere questi due uomini nella sua vita è stata per lei una “vera esperienza di base”.

Now, Michele has taken on many roles throughout her career, but the most important one to her has been becoming a mom. Together, the mother-son duo has already shared some amazing moments. The actor shared on Instagram, “September 6th was Evers first day of little school. It was a big day for our family. We packed his tiny bag and took pictures together in the morning. Hours later I would be performing on Broadway as Fanny Brice for the first time. It was a big day for our little family.”

The actor has had quite the last couple of years, welcoming her son and landing her dream role in “Funny Girl” brought her career to new heights. While she loves what she does, the actor will always choose her son over everything else. Recently, Michele had to do just that as Ever experienced a health issue.

Lea Michele’s son is hospitalized

Lea Michele e suo figlio EverInstagram

From the start, Lea Michele’s journey with Ever’s has not been easy as she struggled throughout her pregnancy, per US Weekly. She shared, “I experienced very heavy bleeding, some which was scary to the point that we rushed in the middle of the night to the hospital.” However, when she gave birth to Ever, Michele thought that she put all her and her son’s health scares behind them, but that’s not the case.

On Wednesday, she revealed on her Instagram stories that her son is dealing with a serious health issue, per Page Six. She said, “I’m so sorry but unfortunately I will be out of @funnygirlbway today. We are at the hospital with our son dealing with a scary health issue that I need to be here for.” Per Entertainment Weekly, Michele has been starring in “Funny Girl” on Broadway for less than a year and has only ever skipped out once before when she contracted Covid. While she is sure to be devastated about missing the show for a second time, the actor’s priority is her son.

The image the actor posted showed Michele’s arm over her two-year-old son’s chest as he snuggled up to a stuffed animal. Michele reiterated how sorry she was before she asked for “love and strength” from fans. It’s unclear as to what Ever is struggling with, but nonetheless, fans are hopeful that he will make a full recovery.

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