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Tarek El Moussa e Heather Rae Young rivelano un aggiornamento che cambia la vita

Heather Rae Young sorride con gli orecchini a cerchio d'oroKevin Mazur/Getty Images

Heather Rae Young ha affrontato una serie di problemi di salute quest’anno. All’inizio di febbraio, la star di “Selling Sunset” ha subito una frattura al piede che ha provocato un forte dolore, ha rivelato nelle sue storie di Instagram (tramite Us Weekly). Il suo medico credeva che la frattura da stress fosse una conseguenza di una precedente rottura del tendine che aveva causato a Young un sovraccarico di un’altra parte del suo piede, ha spiegato in dettaglio. “Sono un’appassionata corridore, amo il fitness, quindi questo è sconvolgente per me”, ha condiviso. “Mandami [some] amore.”

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Just a month later, she experienced yet another health scare that put her in a hospital bed. On March 16, Young underwent vocal cord surgery as a last resort to her years-long struggle with vocal stress, she explained on Instagram. “Some may have noticed my voice issues when watching #Sellingsunset and #flipping101 but on the road to recovery,” she captioned the post.

All of these issues were happening on top of the fertility treatments Young had been undergoing for months. She embarked on her journey shortly after meeting Tarek El Moussa in July 2019, as she told Instagram followers in December 2021, noting that she was now ready to actively start trying to conceive. “I started my egg freezing journey two years ago but this year it’s really different and my mindset has shifted along the way,” she said. The process proved challenging, though. By April, Young and El Moussa had put their attempts on hold. However, it looks like the universe had different plans for the couple.

Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa are expecting a baby

Heather Rae Young e Tarek El Moussa posano nel 2019Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

During the long and often frustrating process of fertility treatments, Heather Rae Young started to believe being a mother might not be in her immediate future. “I just felt like my body’s not ready,” she told Page Six in April. Instead, she decided to focus on her career and her role as stepmother to El Moussa’s children, Taylor and Brayden. But as soon as she put her mind elsewhere, Young got pregnant, as she announced on July 13 on Instagram. “Surprise!!! Baby El Moussa coming early 2023!!” she captioned the post, which included snaps of Young showing off a tiny bump on a beach.

Considering her due date is at least six months from the announcement, Young is likely around three months pregnant. That means she conceived around the time she stopped trying. “It was a huge shock,” Young told People. “We just weren’t expecting this. We had just gone through IVF. We had embryos on ice. We had a plan.” Young believes stressing over the obstacles might have interfered. “I think when you least expect it and there’s no stress in your life, the world just brought us what was meant to be,” she added. “I’m so excited that it happened like this.”

Young had been sharing her experience on Instagram in an attempt to break the taboo around the subject. “I want to be strong for other women out there and help guide them through this,” she captioned a December post.

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